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The Bug was built by research scientist Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle. It was a VTOL craft shaped like a bug.


Kord designed and built the bug when he was president of Kord Omniversal Research and Development. It was originally constructed from failed experiments and old parts of automobiles and later improved with Ted's new inventions.[1]

After joining the JLI, Kilowog added other improvements that made the Bug far beyond its previous capabilities in terms of technology. Some time later, this bug was destroyed by Doomsday in his first foray against the Justice League.[2]

Before retiring from the super-heroic life, Ted built two more versions called Mark I and Mark II. The Mark II was destroyed during Countdown to Final Crisis, while the Mark I was altered by Checkmate to cover up Ted Kord's death.


The Bug is made of a metallic alloy of titanium and steel panels, and is equipped with solar collector panels, which are its main power supply. As protection, the ship has thick reinforced armor and automatic deflector shields, while the fuselage has electric charges and a solar energy converter that shoots thermal bursts.[3] The control unit contains flight and weapons controls and various sensors. In addition, the pilot can lower himself in flight from a strong tether attached to a control bar where the ship can be piloted as well to a basic degree.

The pilot`s chair can move from the helm to the portable crime lab, which includes a computer, communications center, television, stereo and a closet with spare uniforms and several changes of civilian clothes.[4]

The ship is extremely quiet when in flight, thanks to antigravity units on the port and starboard. It can circle on autopilot and has jets capable of propelling it at the speed of 1600 km/hour. To enter areas of more restricted horizontal space in flight, the rear section can independently reorient 180 degrees. A diving mode can be enabled to travel underwater, reaching a depth of up to 300 meters.


  • Laser Beams
  • Magnetic/Electrical impulse blasts:It is fired by the aerials and causes breakdown into other vehicles and systems.
  • Solar blasts

Onboard Equipment

  • Solar Collection Panels
  • Boosterjets:Under the shell, that could launch the bug into near the sound of speed and faster.
  • Robotic claw arms:They are used to grasp, hold and even throw objects and release electrostatic smoke sticking to airframe, making the ship look like a low cloud.
  • Escape Hatches
  • Watertight bulkheads
  • Sky wire
  • Portable Crime Lab
  • Miniature Bugs:Are miniature probes solar-powered, radio controlled circuit and equipped with audio and video transmitters/receivers.



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