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"The Giant Mummy Who Was Not Dead": Archaeologist Dan Garrett decides to take it easy, after he is denied permission to an excavation in Egypt by the Warlord General Amenhotep. Until he is visited by fellow archaeologist Professor Luri Hoshid.

Blue Beetle (Volume 3) #1 is an issue of the series Blue Beetle (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 1964.

Synopsis for "The Giant Mummy Who Was Not Dead"

Archaeologist Dan Garrett decides to take it easy, after he is denied permission to an excavation in Egypt by the Warlord General Amenhotep. Until he is visited by fellow archaeologist Professor Luri Hoshid.

She came to warn him about the dangers of a excavation concerning of the evil Pharaoh Kha-ef-Re. And together they travel to Egypt.

The two archaeologists quickly find the tomb of Kha-ef-Re. But the more superstitious Luri hesitates to enter. Dan who has more interest in the girl then their find decides to take his partner out for dinner in the main capital of Egypt, Cairo leaving the dig to their assistants.

When Dan and Luri arrive at the restaurant of their choice they meet up with General Amenhotep who insults and mistreats its personnel. Dan who has no fondness for the general do to his possession of weapons of mass-destruction clobbers the general and his body guards. But before the general can put a price on their heads Luri and Dan are long gone.

The next day, Dan and Luri return to their excavations and are preparing to visit the tomb. But their assistants abandon them. Dan and Luri descend alone into the tomb and find a mammoth statue of Kha-ef-Re, to the point that Luri wonders if the pharaoh was not a giant. But more important they discover the sarcophagus of Kha-ef-Re with a blue stone scarab on top. When Dan lifts it up he pictures himself in a blue costume and is approached by an ancient pharaoh who warns Dan that he has to combat an ally of Kha-ef-Re of modern times. When the vision ends the archaeologist stands next to Luri again.

General Amenhotep who has discovered their whereabouts orders his men to nuke the tomb. Dan uses the magical phrase "Khaji Da!" and transforms into the Blue Beetle. With his new strength he clears a passage to find shelter for the upcoming nuke.

The radiation reanimates the mummy and it grows to gigantic proportions. Dan and Luri, protected by lead, can only watch helplessly as the mummy walks away. Dan transforms again and follows it but when he finds Amenhotep and the Mummy, they have already formed an alliance in their conquest to rule the world. When the Blue Beetle approaches, the Mummy freezes him with a crippling enegry blast emanating from its eyes, in the hope to break the blue talisman.

But Luri, who has not remained in the tomb, arrives in a jeep and implores the Blue Beetle to repeat the magic words. After one "Khaji Da" the Mummy shrinks to human size and falls down unanimated. The two bury the corpse in the chamber of lead that should protect it from some radiation so the evil pharaoh will never be reanimated again.

Blue Beetle's job is yet not done and he returns to destroy the military camp of General Amenhotep. In a vision Dan appears at the court of the great Pharaoh and offers to return the powers of the Blue Beetle since he no longer needs it. But the Egyptian refuses. Dan has shown his worth. Back in the normal world, Luri confesses her love toward Dan. But the Blue Beetle refuses and flies toward new adventures.

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  • This comic issue was published by Charlton Comics, a defunct comic book publishing firm owned by Charlton Publications. DC Comics acquired the rights to most of Charlton's super-hero characters in 1983.
  • First appearance of the Silver Age Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett. This version of the Blue Beetle has a different origin than his Golden Age predecessor and is also noted by the different spelling of his name. The original Blue Beetle spelled his name Dan Garret.

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