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"Iran Scam!": His suspicions that police lieutenant Max Fisher might be

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Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle (Volume 6) #20 is an issue of the series Blue Beetle (Volume 6) with a cover date of January, 1988.

Synopsis for "Iran Scam!"

His suspicions that police lieutenant Max Fisher might be the sleeper agent assigned to him by the Manhunters allayed, Blue Beetle is abruptly challenged by his former foe Overthrow, his true Manhunter counterpart. After a brief battle, however, the Beetle cuts the fight short to answer a AI emergency call. In Tehran, Iran, meanwhile, Salima Baranizar, one of the Oans' Chosen, ponders the implications of the immortal aliens' visitation, unaware that she is being shadowed by a secret agent whose report eventually finds its way into the hands of the Justice League. Consulting a mullah, a wise man of her faith, Salima is told that the Guardian and the Zamaron, whom she believes to be messengers from Allah, are actually agents of Satan, and when she refuses to recant her blasphemous assertions, she is taken into custody. The Justice League delegates Blue Beetle to fly to Iran and protect Salima, bringing her back to America. Arriving in Tehran, Blue Beetle learns where Salima is being held, but before he can rescue her, he is attacked by Catalyst, a costumed emissary of the ruthless industrialist Klaus Cornelius. Cornelius has sent Catalyst to Iran to recover a sample of a secret compound hidden at the former site of the Tehran branch of Kord, Inc. by Jeremiah Duncan. Catalyst battles the Beetle to a standstill with the chemical powers that make him a "living pharmacopoeia", until the Beetle manages to get away from him long enough to reach Salima Baranizar's cell. Taking advantage of the distraction unintentionally provided by Catalyst, Blue Beetle escapes the prison with Salima. However, when she learns of his intention to take her to America, which she has been taught is "the land of Satan", she breaks away from him and begins proclaiming the message of the Oans in the streets. Before the Beetle can reach her, she is stoned to death as a blasphemer by a crowd.

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  • Ted says he learned Arabic by doing business in Iran. Iran's national language is actually Farsi.

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