"If This Works, It'll Be a Miracle!": The super-heroes assembled at the Green Lantern

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Synopsis for "If This Works, It'll Be a Miracle!"

The super-heroes assembled at the Green Lantern Citadel are determined to seek out the Manhunter base at the Earth's core, and Blue Beetle suggests that the Sun- spore, a starprobe craft designed by Kord, Inc., may be of use, while Mr. Miracle asserts that he can adapt the probe to melt through the Earth's crust using Apokolipsian technology. Thus, the two heroes return to the Beetle's Nest in the Bug, and the Beetle, as Ted Kord, orders the Sunspore readied for use. Unknown to him, his terrorist adversary Overthrow is secretly a Kord employee, and as Blue Beetle and Mr. Miracle test the Sunspore, Overthrow and a squad of Manhunters suddenly appear and attack them, ulti- mately knocking both heroes unconscious. Ted Kord's various friends and associates are occupied with other matters. Elsewhere in Chicago, his executive assistant and girlfriend Melody Case spends more and more time with fellow executive Randall Truman; in Paris, Jeremiah Duncan confers with Belphegor, former director of the Dome, concerning the threat posed by Klaus Cornelius; in London, Murray Takamoto finds himself a guest at a reunion of the former members of World War II's famed Boy Commandos. At the same time, in Frankfurt, a more sinister gathering takes place, as Klaus Cornelius meets with various powerful and unscrupulous European business magnates, drug dealers, and crime czars at the home of industrialist Dekan Drache. Blue Beetle, of course, has no time to consider any of these developments, as he and Mr. Miracle are sealed within the thermal interface between the inner and outer shells of the Sunspore craft, which is then activated and sent on its way beneath the Earth's surface by Overthrow and his fellow Manhunters. As the villains make their escape, however, they are astonished to find their way blocked by Blue Beetle and Mr. Miracle aboard the Bug. After a short struggle, the two heroes defeat the Manhunters. Overthrow, who is dumbfounded at his foes' survival, is also easily apprehended. Mr. Miracle reveals how he used his Mother Box and Multi-Cube to protect himself from the heat and escape from the probe, while the Beetle explains that, after his BB- gun enabled him to escape into the craft's shielded interior, he then summoned the Bug, which pulled the Sunspore from the tunnel it had formed. The Beetle then unmasks his foe, but to his surprise, Overthrow's red hair is a wig, and he is actually Arnold Beck, a Kord, Inc. manual laborer, and not Randall Truman, as Blue Beetle had suspected.



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