"Black Magic Woman": Three teen-aged young men, dressed in hooded robes, attempt to read from a spell book in a darkened room. As they wonder if their spell even worked, the candle on their table suddenly a pillar of flame and they laugh, with one of them saying "now they'll get theirs."

Quote1 Another annoying monster battle, another interrupted date... another typical night in the life of Jaime Reyes. Quote2
Jaime Reyes

Blue Beetle (Volume 7) #27 is an issue of the series Blue Beetle (Volume 7) with a cover date of July, 2008.

Appearing in "Black Magic Woman"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Three (unnamed) teen boys
    • Conjured demons

Other Characters:

  • Boswell
  • Waitress - Jumping Goat (unnamed)
  • Assistant Manager - Der Pretzel House (unnamed)
  • Mr. Tolbert (English teacher - El Paso High)
  • Paco



Synopsis for "Black Magic Woman"

Three teen-aged young men, dressed in hooded robes, attempt to read from a spell book in a darkened room. As they wonder if their spell even worked, the candle on their table suddenly a pillar of flame and they laugh, with one of them saying "now they'll get theirs."

After having seen a film, Jaime Reyes and Traci Thirteen discuss Batman over coffee at the Jumping Goat diner. While attempting to get the conversation off of "shop talk" a squad of small, winged, red "demon-like" creatures wielding pitchforks descend on the diner, crashing through the very window they're sitting at. Jaime quickly transforms into the Blue Beetle to attack the creatures, who have scooped up a waitress telling her "Now you get dumped." A few quick blasts and the creatures disappear--causing pain to one of the robed teens.

Their date ruined by monsters, as so typically happens, Traci and Jaime split up to look into this latest threat in case it comes back. Nadia and Hector find nothing, though Hector does notice the resemblance between the creature and one in a video game.

Hoping to continue their date under the auspices of further research, Jaime calls Traci in "The Library", only to be told that the directions there are "a little complicated." In the Library, Traci is pouring over materials dating back to the dawn of civilization trying to find the source of the creatures, but coming up empty. While on the phone with her, a news broadcast alerts Jaime that two, much bigger monsters have appeared in town.

Again, the monsters have taken a hostage, telling this one "Now you get fired" as the Blue Beetle races to the scene. When the Scarab calculates a ninety-nine percent probability that a direct strike will result in "no collateral damage" Jaime decides that's not good enough and flies into the demons mouth to fight it. Even from there the Scarab can give no details on the thing, so Jaime lets lose with a huge burst of energy as an attack. Jaime catches the hostage--the assistant manager of Der Pretzel House--and flies away noting the citizens (at least the younger ones) of El Paso are safe and reluctantly counts the whole thing as a win.

At school Jaime and Paco discuss the recent demon fights during Mr. Tolbert's English class. Just as he begins to admonish them for speaking in class a second time, a third, bigger demon begins terrorizing the school. Jaime again becomes the Blue Beetle and for his first act makes sure everyone in the area is safe--while listening to teachers discuss how monsters weren't around El Paso before he showed up. He turns his attention to the demon, only to be alerted that there are people inside the school. He saves them all, with the exception of Mr. Tolbert, whom the demon has in his clutches, burning alive, while saying "Now you fail." While wondering why an English teacher is so special he gives the demon all he's got.

Meanwhile, Traci has all but given up on finding the source of the demons in the library. As she's leaving she notices a pile of books--role playing game manuals, supermarket paperbacks, 1970s novelty spell books--being given away. Looking through them she discovers Recipes for Revenge: A Guide to Cooking Up Your Own Demonic Servant, looks through it, and runs through the door to "the real world."

The Blue Beetle is having no luck with the demon. Thinking back on the other demon's victims it dawns on him that there is something "personal" about it.

Traci, following a "giant flaming beacon", makes her way to a nondescript suburban house. The woman of the house lets him in, telling him her son is in the basement with his friends. Walking in on them she lectures the three boys for being "pathetic" and for having had to steal their monster from a "cheesy videogame." After she offers to show them how magic really works the monster disappears, leaving Jaime to catch his English teacher before he hits the ground.

Back at the Jumping Goat, Jaime and Traci talk about the aftermath of the demon attacks. Without going into detail Traci says that she gave the boys a "sneak preview" of where their souls were headed if they didn't stop what they were doing, then tells him that they've been arrested, but again doesn't say exactly for what. Walking out of the diner Jaime tells her how powerless he felt in the last fight. After she jokingly replies that that's what she's around for, he looks back at the destruction still looking dejected.


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