"Only Change Endures (Part I)": Jaime Reyes is attacked by the Masked Marauder, a old nemesis of his predecessor, Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle and hired many of Ted's old enemies for this job.

Quote1.png Oh! This is ridiculous! I suppose if we ever got married, the bloody sky would cave in? Quote2.png
Traci Thirteen

Blue Beetle (Volume 7) #35 is an issue of the series Blue Beetle (Volume 7) with a cover date of March, 2009.

Synopsis for "Only Change Endures (Part I)"

Jaime Reyes is attacked by the Masked Marauder, a old nemesis of his predecessor, Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle and hired many of Ted's old enemies for this job. Jaime has a date today, so he doesn't go easy on them, and even defeats Carapax, who is now steam powered, causing him to be invulnerable to technological attacks. When the fight is almost done the informative of the digital Blue Beetle Cave Nadia and Hector wrap things up to.

A hour later Jaime and his friends are ready for the Valentine's Dance at school. Jaime invites Traci Thirteen to the dance,crushing the hopes of Soledad, the eldest younger sister of Paco. Meanwhile, Brenda worries (not only because her date isn't wearing pants at the prom) that her dating Paco would have an negative effect on Jaime. And how it could affect there friendship with him.

At the dance, suddenly a group of Reach Infiltrators and Enforcers literary crash the party and take the sports hall's roof with it. They call themselves the Khaji-Da Revolutionary Army and bluntly expose to the whole school Jaime's secret identity as the Blue Beetle. Running away and returning as the Blue Beetle does little to fix that.

The leader of the KDRA Djo Zha explains that after they read the revolution ideas of Khaji Da on the scarab information web. They started to rebel against the oppressive control structure of the Reach and exiled there former masters to a place where there was know one to oppress. There lives where spared only because the teachings of Khaji Da forbid them to kill. With this done the KDRA is ready to dismantle other oppressive control structures and appoint the Blue Beetle to lead them.

At the Blue Beetle Cave Nadia and Hector discover the other scarabs secretly talk to each other and deliberately jam Blue Beetles signal. Nadia reads there conversion and runs of to Jaime's school to warn him of the pressing danger. She reaches school but encounters two KDRA scarabs. That try to stop her from exposing there plan.

As the Blue Beetle is already overextended he declines there offer, Djo Zha tries to convince the necessary of his joining. And suggests they will start there mission on the planet Earth where they will dismantle oppressive states like China, Kahndaq, North Korea and United States. After that they will eliminate the rogue powers of the planet like the terrorist cells of the Justice League of America and Justice Society of America and ultimatly the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe.

Desperately Jaime Reyes tries to convince Djo Zha that it is wrong to destroy entire societies. Djo Zha answers with a question "Will you stand against us when we liberate this planet?" The Blue Beetle answers that he will do anything in his power if they try anything on Earth, after that the KDRA attack him. Djo Zha takes control and changes there directive Now the kill. Without restraint.

Appearing in "Only Change Endures (Part I)"

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  • Paco's Mother
  • Soledad
  • Scott (First appearance)
  • Mateo (First appearance)
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