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"Only Change Endures (Part II)": The Blue Beetle's secret identity is saved, with the help of a Remote Control Hologram installed by Nadia.

Quote1.png Everything you do to protect the people in your life you care about, and it never even occurred to you to protect her! Quote2.png

Blue Beetle (Volume 7) #36 is an issue of the series Blue Beetle (Volume 7) with a cover date of April, 2009.

Synopsis for "Only Change Endures (Part II)"

The Blue Beetle's secret identity is saved, with the help of a Remote Control Hologram installed by Nadia.

Nadia finally reaches Jaime who is followed by two KDRA scarabs herself. She explains that the scarabs will listen to the Blue Beetle. Jaime who has to battle the KDRA and protect everyone at the same time misunderstands her and concludes diplomacy had failed at this point. Meanwhile the real Jaime that battles the KDRA decides to battle higher up and loses contact with the remote hologram who remains motionless. Hector who followed Nadia and the two KDRA scarabs Khaji Eq and Djo Dje catch up with the girl, and she is killed right before Hectors eyes. Unaware of Jaime's own predicament Hector can only ask one question to the hologram he deems to be Jaime "How could you just stand there?"

Meanwhile Jaime discovers what Nadia meant, as the Blue Beetle Scarab is the original leader of the KDRA it holds the security command of the whole unit. The scarab itself suggests a total software reboot that would take 27.4 days, that should override every scarab in range. The scarab itself isn't sure it could safely reboot due to his damage in the past caused by magic. When the reboot starts All scarabs deactivate and most of their hosts are still protected by a light forcefield and drift in space. Jaime and an unconscious Djo Zha are not that lucky and fall toward Earth. Jaime tries to revive Djo Zha as it's host has wings but the host attacks him instead. The host breaks Jaime's fall but still manages to break almost every bone in his body.

In the hospital Jaime learns of Nadia's death and Hector's hate toward him. The KDRA are rounded up and locked away by the Green Lantern Corps. Four days later Nadia is buried and six days later Hector runs away. Five days later the Scarab activates for just a few seconds, healing most of the bones in Jaime's body and the hero is allowed to leave the hospital the next day.

Not soon there after Peacemaker comes to say his goodbyes to Jaime. The mentor addresses his student in a way people seldom saw him and only asked Jaime to be himself. Not long there after the Scarab makes a full recovery himself.

the Scarab Djo Zha wasn't recovered and Hector resurfaced at the Los Angeles airport trying to rent a car under the name of Djo Zha, the receptionist misunderstands that as "Joshua". A mistake he doesn't mind.

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From issue #5 on, the Scarab's language can be translated using a substitution cipher. Each symbol in the Scarab's language represents a different letter in the English alphabet. The Scarab doesn't use captial letters, so these have been put in where applicable. The Scarab does, however, use abbreviations.

There are 22 pages of comic, ignoring the adverts and DC Nation. Panels are counted from the top down, left to right.

  • Page 22, panel 4 - "trying to fi' reboot"
  • Page 22, panel 5 - "system initialzing please wait please wait"


It is hinted in this issue that Hector is the Black Beetle a member of the Time Stealers

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