"Get Me Outta Here!": Late at night in Metropolis, Shockwave breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs using information provided to him by "the boss." He makes his way to Section 13 - the Radiation Lab.

Blue Devil #2 is an issue of the series Blue Devil (Volume 1) with a cover date of July, 1984. It was published on April 26, 1984.

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  • Master Villain's Flying Craft

Synopsis for "Get Me Outta Here!"

Late at night in Metropolis, Shockwave breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs using information provided to him by "the boss." He makes his way to Section 13 - the Radiation Lab.

The next day Blue Devil is in crowded Planet Square being assaulted by a news crew. He escapes by leaping over rooftops and encounters a mugging of tourists which he stops by his mere presence. He guides the tourists, who believe he is Superman, to safety. Blue Devil muses how Gopher would love his heroic act when he spots a pinball machine called "The Demon" in the Videoville Arcade that has a depiction of a demon similar to Nebiros. After being asked to leave by management, he stops at Sam's Place and tells Sam how a medical specialist, Dr. Duprey, told him the costume has become organic material, growing blood vessels and nerves, and has bonded to his skin. Blue Devil returns to his brownstone apartments (all unrented except his own) into which he has invested all his savings. Marla Bloom calls telling him that his earlier encounter with the press has made the news and Jock Verner is upset. Blue Devil turns on the television to see for himself and sees the news report of the on-going police standoff with Shockwave which has quickly made it outside his brownstone. Shockwave demolishes the brownstone and Blue Devil emerges from the rubble. Hearing a cop hope that Blue Devil is a hero, Shockwave opts to take him out quickly but only maddens Blue Devil into fighting back. Blue Devil knocks Shockwave into Jefferson Park where the fight continues.

Dr. Jenet Klyburn arrives and tells Blue Devil that Shockwave stole some concentrated 'super' kryptonite that S.T.A.R. Labs had developed for testing purposes. Blue Devil realizes that he must get it back before it can be used against Superman. He returns to the battle.

Meanwhile Jock Verner, upset over Blue Devil's televised battle with Shockwave - as it's disrupting his "carefully planned" ad plans for the upcoming movie, orders Marla Bloom to stop his "unauthorized" appearances. She calls legal attorneys "Fischman, Ullman & Ross."

Blue Devil sees Shockwave adjust a controller on his belt that increases his power and subsequently destroys it. The fight continues a little longer until a strange flying craft, manned by the shadowed supervillain and several henchmen, arrives. The craft's tractor beam pulls Shockwave towards it but Blue Devil leaps and snatches the belt canister which holds the kryptonite. Because armed helicopters are fast approaching, which the craft cannot withstand, the villains opt to flee.

Jenet Klyburn gratefully asks Blue Devil if there's anything she can do to repay him for his help and he explains about the suit. She offers to take him back to S.T.A.R. Labs to try and help. Just then an attorney arrives barring Blue Devil from using the exosuit, the property of Marla Bloom Associates, in public. Blue Devil picks the attorney up by his jacket and hangs him from a signpost. Blue Devil leaves with Dr. Klyburn. The remaining film crew and police officers refuse to help the attorney until the attorney quits his tirade against Blue Devil and "admits" it was Shockwave who did this to him.


  • Blue Devil indicates the events of the previous issue occured "last month".
  • The timing of this story is confusing. When Shockwave breaks into S.T.A.R. Labs it is clearly night time. Presumably the police standoff begins shortly thereafter. However it is well into the next day (as show by a Metropolis bar being open/serving alcohol and people in Los Angeles being awake/active) that Blue Devil hears of it on the news and the master villain appears to retrieve Shockwave.
  • Jenet Klyburn's hair is incorrectly colored yellow in this issue. She has red hair.
  • The master villain is revealed in Issue #3 (and in the "Next Issue" blurb of the letter column).
  • The unnamed attorney appearing in this issue appears again in Issue #5 where his first name, Mel, is mentioned.


  • One of the night guards at S.T.A.R. Labs is reading a tabloid newspaper with the following interesting stories:
    • "Terry Austin Sought!" which is likely a reference to the comic book artist.
    • "Blue Devil Pic Out This June." The month/year of the story is never stated but it is clearly not winter in Metropolis suggesting the story likely occurs early spring. Thus a film in this world can go from filming to public release in about 4 months.
    • Also Sharon Scott apparently has a swimsuit modelling article.
  • Among the products/stores advertised in Metropolis are:
    • Air Head Jeans
    • Fausto's Restaurant
  • Jefferson Park has a fountain designed by Frederick Law Olmsted said by Blue Devil to be over a hundred years old. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Olmstead lived from April 26, 1822 to August 28, 1903 and was famous for designing many well-known urban parks, including Central Park and Prospect Park in New York City.
  • There is a running gag throughout the series of cameo appearances by comic strip character Pogo Possum. In this issue he appears in a poster in the Videoville Arcade.

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