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Blue Jay is a member of the Meta Militia.

Blue Jay in Raven Armor.

On a parallel Earth created in the wake of the Infinite Crisis, a scientist developed a method of shrinking himself and became a costumed vigilante under the alias Blue Jay. Subsequently, he married Diane, a woman with similar powers. However, the metahumans of this Earth were a chaotic and arrogant group, who fought with no heed for their surroundings. This led the hero known as Tin Man to run for president on a platform of metahuman control. Blue Jay complied with the law and joined the Meta Militia.

When Tin Man was killed by Lord Havok, he was replaced by his VP, the Americommando, and Blue Jay became the VP. However, Americommando abused his position, sending Blue Jay on a research study of the Russian wilderness so he could begin an affair with Diane.

When Americommando's alliance with the forces of Monarch backfired on the Meta Militia and the team was defeated, Blue Jay used his Raven armour to intervene. At his suggestion, Americommando was taken into custody and all survivors were able to walk away. As VP, Blue Jay succeeded Americommando. His actions as leader of the Angorian free world are as yet unknown (save that he began his rule by divorcing Diane).



  • Science: He has some skill as a scientist in several unknown field.


  • Raven Armor: In addition, he has an emergency suit, the Raven suit, which has enough firepower to temporarily stop Lord Havok.

  • With his shrinking powers, similarly enhanced wife, and hinted-at minor history of mental illness, Blue Jay is loosely based on the Marvel hero Hank Pym.