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The Blue Seal Gang was a criminal organization in Triboro City that exerts control over the local politicians through bribery and blackmail.


When Rita Novelle began her run for mayor, the Blue Seal Gang sent representatives to offer to ensure her victory in return for her paying them and turning a blind eye to their activities. After she furiously kicked them out of her office, they sabotaged her campaign by attacking her rallies and supporters, but she won anyway. In response to having a mayor who wasn't in their pocket, they tried to assassinate her, but she survived being shot. As Rita was a former Holliday Girl, she was visited in the hospital by her ally Diana Prince, who quickly started investigating the group Rita said was responsible for the attempt on her life. To silence the Mayor and try and force her to work for them, the gang kidnapped her while she was leaving the hospital, but by this point Wonder Woman was hot on their tail and they were quickly captured. Even their hidden boss, who tried to control coverage of the gang's activities in his day job operating a newspaper, was uncovered and incarcerated.

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