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The Blue Trinity was a team of Soviet speedsters created to battle the Flash.


Two Soviet scientists, Doctors Pytor Orloff and Krulik were amazed at reports of the American Flash, Barry Allen. Orloff was interested with the benefits such powers would bring to society, whereas Krulik was only interested in the military applications.

They began working on a serum, which Orloff invented first. Krulik, however, was fed up because he consistently used only animal subjects. Krulik wanted to test with human subjects. The Kremlin provided him with three children, but not before Krulik had tested the serum on himself. However, when he first used his speed, the friction from the air burned him alive.

The three children were Gregor Gregorovich, Boleslaw Uminski, and Christina. Orloff was left to oversee their upbringing. The became Blue Trinity. They were controlled by the army and stationed near Kiev. They were stronger and more loyal to the Soviet Union than their later counterparts, Red Trinity.

Blue Trinity was sent to chase the Flash and Red Trinity, who were fleeing the Soviet Union with Dr. Pytor Orloff, who was being brought to the United States to help the dying Jerry McGee. However, they were defeated.

After Orloff had arrived in America, Blue Trinity again was sent by the Soviet government, this time to kill him. However, after a short battle with Red Trinity, he convinced them to leave in peace.

Blue Trinity had been hired by Rudy West to capture the Flash and take him back to the Manhunter's base in Siberia. However, their attempt was foiled by Red Trinity, who appeared at just the right moment.

Blue Trinity was betrayed by the Manhunters and imprisoned, then sold to Vandal Savage. Savage experimented with them, giving them Velocity 9.

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