Blythe Cameron was a flight attendant for Clearfleet Airlines. She was invited to join the alleged anti-terrorist organization known as the "Etesian Front". However, the Etesians tricked Blythe into actually transporting plans for a terrorist attack. [1] When she discovered their true agenda, she and a man named Zayn were kidnapped and taken on board the plane that was the hijack target. Sometime later, Zayn and Blythe leapt clear of the plane as it crashed into the sea.

The head of the Etesian Front, a man named Benjamin Lancaster, also survived. Zayn was later accosted by Lancaster in Narimar, a place that ostensibly disappeared from maps during the 1947 Partition of India, and interrogated as to the whereabouts of an Aztec artifact. Blythe followed him to Narimar, where she was designated by the Etesian Front a "hyperpract" – someone with the power to move into different dimensions or realities. The three escaped Narimar, while their plane was followed by a mysterious winged serpent. During this time, Blythe struggled to reconcile her faith in Zayn despite learning some of the truth about his history. [2]

A chance encounter in Schiphol Airport reminded Blythe of the power of longing. As she prepared to surrender the artifact to Zayn, darker forces began massing against her. She learned more about the mysterious origins of the artifact in the city of Aztlan as well as it's connection to her own history, prophesying her birth from more than nine-hundred years ago. [3]

Blythe later began test flying a new hyperprax airplane for Clearfleet. She arrived at Sky 1 hampered by a strange illness that left her disoriented and off-guard. [4]

Desperate to unravel the truth from the lies, Blythe made a dangerous journey to the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. To her surprise, she discovered that the man waiting for her there was someone she had met before. [5]

Blythe found herself drawn into a holy war at the Pakistani border, at which point she learned even more information concerning the history of the mysterious Zayn. [6]



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