Bob Hall is a writer.

Personal History

Hall lived in England and Ireland before he finally settled for the U.S. in Lincoln, Nebraska where he studied theater at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and earned a Bachelor's and Master's degree. He moved to New York in the early 1970s, where he took courses at John Buscema's school of comic art and the New School. Hall currently resides in Nebraska.

Professional History

Bob Hall is an American comic book creator, playwright and theatre director. He began his career in comics in 1975 working for Marvel Comics's Monster Group as a penciler in the title Dracula Lives. Later on, he worked for Charlton Comics and Marvel mainstream comic books. In 1981, his first work with DC Comics was published as he was credited as the penciler in the 100th issue of the Weird War Tales title. He worked on some Batman titles as well as the House of Mystery title. He is also know for his works in Valiant Comics.

Work History

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