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Detective Chimp is an intelligent, talking chimpanzee who works as a detective. After inheriting the Sword of Night during the events of Dark Nights: Metal, he became the protector of Myrra, and joined the Justice League Dark.


Bobo was once a normal chimpanzee in a circus, whose act was to play the accordion. He was abused by his handlers, with the exception of a man named Fred, who fed him and helped him learn his songs. However, the cruel men killed Fred, with the latter unlocking Bobo's cage before he died. Bobo then ran away into the wilderness. Coming to a swamp, he was almost eaten by an alligator, but was saved by Swamp Thing. He then came across a white dog named Rex, who led him to the Fountain of Youth. After taking a sip, not only were Bobo's injuries healed, he was gifted with incredible intellect and analytical skill. Using his newfound skills, he exposed his former abusers' crimes, bringing them to justice. Bobo then took Fred's deerstalker cap and set off into the world.[4]

New 52

DC Rebirth

The New Justice League Dark

The Last Age of Magic

Following Nightmaster's death within the Metal Wars, Bobo had become the owner of the Oblivion Bar and the Sword of Night, thus becoming the defender of the Mystic World of Myrra. Some time after, following the imbalance brought to magic by the destruction of the Source Wall and battle with the Omega Titans, Wonder Woman had begun searching for mystic aid in restoring order. Agreeing to help her after reflecting on recent events, the two journeyed to the Hall of Justice. Inspecting the cadavers Diana had found in Salem with a reformed Man-Bat, they would rise thereafter under the power of the Otherkind just as Swamp Thing and Zatanna arrived; warning of the future threat of one of the members and the severity of the situation.[5]

Justice League Dark Vol 2 2 Textless Variant

The new formation!

Defeating the small horde the group came together and journeyed to the Tower of Fate for aid from Kent Nelson. However, being of little mystic standing he and Kirk were forced to stand away from his conversation from Diana and Zatanna while Alec journeyed to the nearby Tree of Wonder. However, while explaining magic to Kirk, the scientist broke a vase containing the real Doctor Fate, Khalid Nassour, warning the duo that it was just Nabu who had taken control before cracking away.[6] Returning to Diana and Zatanna, Bobo and Kirk attacked the summoned Upside-Down Man as the betraying Nabu flew away. However he was swiftly melted by the Man's powerful magic. Yet, Diana, empowered by a strange magic, was able to banish the menace and revive the primate.[7]

The Witching Hour

Returning to a meeting, Hecate, wishing to take control of Diana, began possessing her, however the team was able to escape into the Oblivion Bar, but without learning the goddess had cut off their communication with the mundane world. However John was already there in the destroyed Bar, warning the group that they missed an attack by another witch marked and that Witching Hour had begun.[8] Searching for answers the League hunted a unicorn before coming to Aeaea to speak with Circe, a student of Heacte for answers, finding out that Diana and four others are Witch-Marked, containing Hecate's seperated power. Not only that, but her ultimate plan is to replace all magic and use this new system to prevent the Otherkind from invading. However their conversation was cut short by Deadman warning all that a witch-marked Manitou Dawn was attacking Nanda Parbat.[9]

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Against a possessed Wonder Woman!

Arriving Bobo participated in the defense of the ancient city, using the Sword of Night to guide Rama Kushna and the rest of the survivors out while and empowered Diana and Hecate to fight.[10] Chased by Manitou into the Bar, she was stopped by the Sisterhood of the Sleight Hand and a timely exorcism by Constantine.[11] Though the two found out that Hecate had already gotten a hold of magic, locking the team within the Bar. Luckily they were teleported to Circe's location along with the rest of the League, the witch warning that Hecate and the possessed Diana are going after the Sphere of Gods. Forced with little choice they all attacked Diana in Olympus, but the Amazon, having convened with the other parts of Hecate broke free. Using the Upside-Down Man, the Dark Multiverse counterpart of the goddess, to defeat Hecate, Bobo returned to the Hall where he briefed the League on the matter.[12]

Believing that they could gain an item of power in Myrra, the League journeyed into Myrra despite Bobo's protests while John and Swamp Thing were in Salem. There they found the world corrupted. Bobo, never having lived up to the Nightmaster title casted a spell that constantly revived the dead. Yet, with the aid of the rest of the League and Blue Devil he was able to overcome this, being told to search for the true heir to the Nightmsater title.[13]

Lords of Order

As the Otherkind began killing magic users across the world, Bobo and Alec began using the Oblivion Bar as a temporary stopgap until they found a way out of the dimension. However, the group was found by the Upside-Down Man, and left with no choice, Bobo ferried all present into Myrra. However, once arriving the group was approached by the rest of the Lord of Orders, seeking to destroy the group in the one place the Otherkind could not reach.[14] Facing the Lords down, Etrigan attacks, but with his power removed swiftly and Blue Devil's instructions they teleport back to the Myrran Castle. Khalid and Kirk arrive, the former unsealed by the latter, and warn that Myrra is lost but they can still save The Sphere of Gods and magic from the Lords.[15]

There, Khalid told all Nabu's plan to let the Otherkind consume the Multiverse's magic and once drawn in use the destruction of the Sphere of the Gods to starve the Otherkind out, with an existence without magic but orderly. Left with no choice as they formed a plan the group left Myrra, the realm destroyed by the Lords of Order. Ultimately humbled, with Blue Devil being turned to stone, the group faced having their mind and magic ripped from them, but was stopped by Diana and Zatara, who had given the rest of the League the means to fight by turning them into Lords of Order themselves. Turning the tide, the group won, unsealing The Phantom Stranger, Constantine, and Etrigan.[16] With reality in shambles, Diana took back her power from Bobo and used the Ruby of Life and Mordu's power to write a new order in magic.

The Witching War

After helping clean up a vampire habitation, with aid of new members Kent and Khalid, Bobo noticed how aimless they were, rousing suspicion in him.[17] Returning to base, Diana made everyone aware of the issue: Circe, being the last Witch-Marked, was granted the vast majority of Hecate's power since her defeat and is now making her move while magic was recovering. Tasked with figuring out a way to keep an eye on Circe, he and Khalid was soon interrupted by an enchanted Man-Bat, not helped by Alec being inflicted by Rot by the Parliament of Flower's new guardian, the Floronic Man.[18]

Fleeing to the Oblivion Bar, Bobo was able to encase Kirk in one of the bar's defenses and was reverted by Khalid. Rejoined by Constantine and later Diana with the Black Diamond, Zatanna, and Kent he briefed them on the recent events. Yet, he was able to notice Diana's possession by Circe, which promptly when trying to apprehend her, was reverted to a normal chimp.[19]

Bobo was later restored by the aid of the new Doctor Fate, Khalid, and Diana, who had since made a deal for power with the Upside-Down Man, buying the League just a bit more time at a cost.[20]

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