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Bocor is an occult associate of the London crimelord Jack Kellor.

Some thirty years ago, London crime lord, Jonathan Kellor discovered the Caribbean occultist known only as the Bocor. Having saved his life, he brought the Bocor into his home and made him a quintessential part of his operations. Over the years, the Bocor became devoutly loyal to Jonathan Kellor and used his occult knowledge to make the Kellor family the undisputed leaders of the London underworld. After the death of Jonathan Kellor, the family business fell into the hands of his son, Jack. The Bocor's allegiance transferred from the father to the son, but Jack could not command the same respect from the Bocor as his father once did. Before long, the Bocor discovered that Jack was secretly conspiring to overthrow his family's influence, and he embarked upon a plan to stop him.


  • Occultism: The Bocor possessed a working knowledge of internecine mob politics, and was proficient in various mystic rituals relating to Voodoo. Chiefly, he operated as a dark priest with the ability to animate the recently deceased.

  • Bocor is an alternate spelling of Bokor, a priest of the Voodoo religion. Bokor's specialize in the mixing of various potions and in the creation of zombies.[1]