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Bog Venus is a plant elemental part of the Parliament of Trees.

Bog Venus' true name is lost to the pages of history. She was a medicine woman who existed some 100,000 thousand years before the Great Flood, at a time before humanity began using tools. Bog Venus' trade employed the use of various plants and herbs for medicinal value. When a nearby volcano erupted, the medicine woman was trapped in an avalanche of volcanic mud. She rose from the dead as Earth's next plant elemental and became known as Bog Venus (a loose translation of the language of her people). Bog Venus became one of the early Erl-Kings and later, a member of the Parliament of Trees. Along with fellow Erl-Kings, Ghost Hiding in the Rushes, Saint Columba and Kettle Hole Devil, Bog Venus formed a special cabal within the Parliament known as the Committee. It was the function of the Committee to pave the way for the next Earth elemental. They selected a disembodied entity (which came to be known as the Sprout) and attempted to merge it with a human body, thereby ushering in a new age of human born elementals. The Swamp Thing took umbrage with this and spoiled the Committee's plans. As such, Bog Venus and the other Committee members were fused into a new elemental entity known as the Wild Thing. The Swamp Thing ultimately destroyed the Wild Thing, and Bog Venus' essence was cast into the void where it took root on another world capable of sustaining plant life. On this world, she became aware of the "plant circuitry" that formed the planet's roots. This circuitry served the planet as a living plant-machine. Bog Venus was one of several off-world elementals who had garnered the attention of the Dominators during their quest to subjugate the planet Earth. Since Bog Venus was off-planet at the time that the Parliament of Trees was destroyed by the Word, it is reasonable to assume that she may still be alive.


  • Chlorokinesis: The ability to commune with plantlife and to varying degrees control its growth and form. Summon forth vines to entangle or snare, and so on. A master of this ability can manipulate the microscopic algae inside of a person's body and use it to attack them from the inside out.
  • Immortality: The ability to live forever without fear of aging or dying. If anything like her fellow plant based elementals, i.e. Swamp Thing, this would likely imply the ability to store her essence elsewhere for later use in case her current form should come to harm or be destroyed. Effectively rendering her immortal.
  • Elemental Control: The control or governance over a specific element(s). In Bog Venus's case, likely plant based. Similar to chlorokinesis as seen above.
  • Regeneration: Ability to automatically repair injuries at a rate of speed that surpasses that of a normal human. May even possess the ability to regenerate missing limbs as shown in others of her kind.
  • Resurrection: Restoring oneself to a living state from a previously non-living state. Likely by calling up her essence stored within a husk or host form and regenerating from that point.
  • Self-Sustenance: The ability to nourish oneself, typically via an external energy source. In her case, likely through a form of photosynthesis.

Bog Venus was first introduced as part of the assemblage of the Parliament of Trees in Swamp Thing (Volume 2) #47. She was not addressed as a singular entity until Swamp Thing (Volume 2) #68.



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