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Bolphunga was a bounty hunter and thief from the planet Cepheia.

He spent his entire life cultivating a dark reputation, greatly overstating his physical prowess and the duels and battles he had won in order to be feared. The trick worked, and he quickly gained followers among other cepheid criminals, becoming the leader of the Cepheid Raiders for several years. However, his lies were well known to his father Boff, who was ashamed of him. After Bolphunga was arrested by Green Lantern John Stewart for trying to invade the bank planet Vault, his reputation meant that other criminals stayed clear of him. However, while drunk, Bolphunga let slip how utterly unearned his reputation actually was, and he was frequently beaten to a bloody pulp by other prisoners who had held grudges against him. This included his own men, after a plea bargain attempt led to him accidentally implicating some of them in yet further crimes. His reputation in tatters and life in constant risk, Bolphunga was rescued when the inverted angel known as Singularity Jain visited his cell disguised to the outside world as a well known diplomat, and offered him his freedom in exchange for Bolphunga killing his own father. Bolphunga accepted, but instead of killing his father, he kept him as a passenger aboard his ship, and fled to Earth seeking help from Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, in order to find a way to save his father and himself, as Singularity Jain sent him a message, saying that he would be killed if he didn't kill his father.[1]



  • Bolphunga is also known as the Unrelenting.



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