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The Bomb Squad was a partnership between Electrocutioner and Plastique. They chose the name because they thought it made them sound scarier, though most others mocked it.[1]


The pair were hired to assassinate Senator Godfrey. They managed to infiltrate the power scanners at the door of the high profile event by paying Parasite to temporarily drain their abilities. Word amongst the criminal underground spread of their disappearance soon after, along with Trident and Dr. Impossible.[2]

The four missing criminals had been controlled to do the bidding of Professor Ivo by using mechanically enhanced Starro hatchlings attached to the back of their necks. Ivo was working in league with Solomon Grundy to transfer his immortality to the swamp zombie via a new Amazo.[3] The Bomb Squad was ordered to steal Vixen's Tantu totem to add to Ivo's adaptive android. They lured her to a bar with a false note claiming to be from the Question and ambushed her, acquiring the totem and escaping using a Fatherbox as Plastique left a parting gift.[2]

They were tracked down by Green Lantern, Black Canary and Arsenal to Ivo's lair where he commanded his pawns to give their lives to protect Amazo. Arsenal pinned the Bomb Squad to the wall with arrows, neither of them displaying any pain. After Electrocutioner pulled himself free, Arsenal discovered the Starro implants and removed them with precision archery.[3]

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