Bone-Crusher was an enforcer for La Dama.

She sent him and two other enforcers, Brutale and Coyote, to retrieve an ancient beetle artifact from the Brotherhood of Evil. During the battle, the scarab was knocked clear and ended up in Jaime Reyes's hands. Bone-Crusher and his allies ambushed Jaime and his friend Paco in an alley. Brutale accidentally activated the scarab on Jaime's back; with the armor at his disposal, Jaime pierced Brutale and Bone-Crusher's bodies with his hands.

Both of them survived the encounter and returned to La Dama.


  • He is called "Rompe Huesos" by his teammates. Rompe Huesos roughly translates to "Breaking Bones".
  • Bone-Crusher's mask looks like a Mexican mask wore by celebrators of the Mexican holiday called, "Dia de los Muertos".



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