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""52 Pick-Up (Part I) - Secret Origins"": Booster Gold is in Atlantic City where he is fighting the Royal Flush Gang. With some added assistance from his robotic companion Skeets, Booster manages to defeat all four of his adversaries. The Justice League of America

Quote1.png Everything in history predating the re-creation of the Multiverse has gone malleable. Thanks mostly to Mr. Mind and that Kryptonian boy's tantrums, which I still find ridiculous to believe. Punching history. Please. Quote2.png
Rip Hunter

Booster Gold (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Booster Gold (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 2007.

Synopsis for "52 Pick-Up (Part I) - Secret Origins"

Booster Gold is in Atlantic City where he is fighting the Royal Flush Gang. With some added assistance from his robotic companion Skeets, Booster manages to defeat all four of his adversaries. The Justice League of America arrives on the scene and Booster begins bucking for membership. Batman tells him that the League will monitor his actions for the next seven days, at which point they will take a vote whether or not to admit him into the League.

Afterwards, Booster flies home to Pittsburgh where he lives with his 21st century ancestor, Daniel. Daniel is still slightly unbalanced from his time spent in the timestream and has developed an obsession with video games. Suddenly, Rip Hunter appears in the living room with his Time Sphere. Daniel is upset that the Sphere tore a hole through the side of his house. Rip ignores Daniel and tells Booster that he needs his help. Both men enter the Time Sphere and leave. Moments later, a mysterious individual enters the house and knocks Daniel unconscious. He steals Daniel's Supernova costume and flies away.

In the Time Sphere, Rip Hunter explains that he needs Booster's help repairing the various chronal anomalies that were created in the wake of the recreation of the Multiverse. Rip tells him that Booster is the only man with the reputation and the skills required for this particular task. In order to effectively operate at different points in the timestream, however, he cannot disrupt the static laws of time itself. He cannot alter the past. He can only prevent events from taking place that were not originally designed to take place. Unfortunately, this also prevents Booster from cultivating a truly heroic reputation. History must remember him as the opportunistic self-absorbed, grandstanding adventurer that most people are familiar with.

Booster's first mission is to go backwards several weeks to the events of World War III. He saves an airplane filled with passengers that was originally destroyed during Black Adam's psychotic reign.

Returning to the present, Booster flies to the Hall where he has an audience with the Justice League. The League is impressed with his actions of the past week and offer him membership on the team. Booster sees a vision of the future and knows that he cannot accept a position on the team. Disheartened, Booster pretends to rebuke the offer, stating that he wanted to be able to tell everybody else that Booster Gold turned down an offer to join the Justice League of America.

Meeting back up with Rip Hunter, Booster agrees to continue working as a "time-cop", but with one specific caveat. He intends on going back in time and saving the life of his best friend – Blue Beetle.

Meanwhile, the faux Supernova travels backwards in time many years and flies to the planet Korugar. There, he meets Sinestro at a point in time when Sinestro was still a revered member of the Green Lantern Corps. Supernova tells him, "I need to talk to you about the future".

Appearing in "52 Pick-Up (Part I) - Secret Origins"

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  • The tagline for this series is "The Greatest Hero the World Has Never Known!"
  • This issue gives special thanks to Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark Waid... but definitely not Keith Giffen! [sic]
  • The title to this issue, "52 Pick-Up", has multiple meanings. 52 pickup is the name given to a popular practical joke disguised as a card game. It is also a reference to the weekly maxi-series 52, in which Booster Gold played a pivotal role. "52 Pick-Up" may also be a reference to Booster's new mission in life, to fix and/or "pick-up" the broken pieces of the timestream caused by the recreation of the Multiverse.
  • Souvenirs found in the Justice League trophy room include: Orion's helmet; Jay Garrick's helmet; Deathstroke's mask and sword; a Starro spore and one of Red Tornado's android replacement heads.
  • Rip Hunter's Chalk Board contains the following notations:
    • Wormholes
    • 1870
    • New Krypton?
    • 1939
    • (New Earth, Earth-2)
    • 1985 + 2006 = Why 2008???
    • Superman & the Legion of Super-Heroes
    • Thom Kallor = Traveler?
    • Power Girl: Missing
    • The Return of Ray Palmer
    • Beware the Red Lanterns???
    • Ronnie Raymond + X = Firestorm!
    • Long Live the Real King
    • Darkseid R.I.P.
    • Titans Hunt II
    • Don't worry about Countdown - focus elsewhere
    • ??Who is Dr. Thirteen???

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