During World War Two, the Soviet Union was desperate to provide symbolic heroes of the state to counter the "Master Race" being touted by Nazi Germany. To that end, they created enhanced superhumans like Stalnoivolk. Another volunteer for the program was Boris Mikhail Dhumov, a fourteen-year-old soldier who gained a body-builder's physique and became "a super-worker, able to leap vast rivers or topple huge buildings." Garbed in a dark blue costume with red and white highlights (including the requisite hammer and sickle), Dhumov became Proletariat. With his aging arrested by his transformation, he was "still useful as (the Soviet's) 'adviser' to the North Vietnamese."

Later still, he helped train a new generation of Russian metahumans, including Red and Blue Trinities. But after the collapse of communism Proletariat went on a rampage and was defeated by Red Trinity (now Kapitalist Kouriers) and the Flash.

However, Proletariat fled to the United States, intent on "trying to start a diplomatic incident." Traveling to Keystone City, where Red Trinity had set up shop as Kapitalist Kouriers, Proletariat attached a bomb of Khundian origin to the city's power generator. While the Kouriers and Dhumov's brother, Andrei (now a Russian ambassador) distracted Proletariat, the Flash and Lady Flash rushed the explosive to the river, where it detonated safely. Having held off his adversaries, Proletariat escaped and is, presumably, still at large.


  • Proletariat is a term for the lower social class, usually the working class; a member of such a class is proletarian. Originally it was identified as those people who had no wealth other than their children.



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