Boston Brand began his life as a "daredevil trapeze jockey" in the circus until his death lead to him becoming an agent of a higher power. After Superman's ten years absence in world affairs, Boston had forgone his once human-like appearance to that of a skeleton wearing his rotted circus acrobat clothes. He was present at a superhuman nightclub where he witnessed Superman's message to the metahuman patrons of joining his Justice League or be dealt with.

Boston also noticed the presence of Norman McCay and The Spectre, who were witnessing the events leading to the conflict between the traditional heroes led by Superman and irresponsible heroes. He encountered them a second time during a meeting between the Quintessence; in which he shortly spoke with McCay about The Spectre's origin. Boston even offered McCay to look him up again when he "get to the other side".[1]

  • In the novelization of Kingdom Come, Boston has extended dialogue with Norman McKay in which he talked about why the Quintessence cannot intervene in the superhuman conflict.



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