Boston Brand was an aerialist who exists primarily in spectral form as the hero Deadman. In the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories, he was summoned by Dr. Occult to help Batman (Bruce Wayne Jr.) and Supergirl (Kara Kent) find out what's causing the Joker's recent mental torment. Entering into the psychedelic cartoonish landscape of the Joker's mind, Boston discovers that it's the ghost of Dick Grayson, the previous Batman, who's haunting the Joker. While he was unable to completely stop Dick from destroying the Joker, he at least managed to buy the Joker a reprieve so that he could tell Batman and Supergirl who's haunting him. Dick Grayson's ghost was ultimately stopped by that of Alfred Pennyworth, who reasoned with Dick that he wasn't trained to be a killer and that the Joker can no longer pose a threat to anyone at his age.


Capable of possessing any human he comes into contact with.

  • This particular version of the character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.



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