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Boston Brand is a ghost, a Deadman. Before he can pass on to the next plane, he has to find his killer.

Boston Brand was the star of the flying trapeze in Haley's Circus. One night, in the middle of a performance, a strange man with a hook for a hand shot him in cold blood. Boston's spirit never moved on from the mortal plane and remains to wander the Earth as a ghost. For a long time, Boston wandered the globe in a chronic depression, not knowing why he was murdered or why he was never let into the spirit world. He met Batman in London, where Bruce had used a meditation technique to leave his body after being buried alive by Gentleman Ghost. Almost immediatly after leaving his body, Bruce was offered entry into "The Light", the entrance to the Spirit World. When he chose to stay on Earth, Boston called him a fool for remaining and revealed that he had never been offered his chance at paradise. Batman tried to help Boston by suggesting that there might be a reason why he was left on Earth. Boston brought himself out of his depression and helped Batman, Green Arrow and Speedy in defeating Gentleman Ghost and his spectral army. At last, in recognition of his bravery, Boston was finally allowed to enter The Light...but he chose instead to remain on Earth and use his ghostly powers to fight crime as Deadman.