The Bow of Ra is a weapon created by Ra as a gift to the Champion of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall.


The Bow of Ra is a weapon created by Ra as a gift to the Champion of the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall.

When in use, the bow generates arrows that can be either solid or made of pure energy. The size, shape, design, and destructive power of each arrow is controlled by the wielder. Upon contact with a target, an arrow can ignite the target, create an explosion, or pierce the target without destroying it. While this weapon's full power has yet to be seen, it is said to have the power to destroy stars.

The Bow of Ra shares a bond with the Shim'Tar wielding it. This bond allows for the bow to be summoned at any time. The bond extends beyond death, enabling it to revive a wielder from the dead. The bow also strengthens the wielder to levels far beyond those of a normal Amazon. In addition to enhanced strength and durability, they can also channel the bow's energy into blasts projected from their hands.

Because the bow was created specifically for a Shim'Tar, only a Shim'Tar can use the bow. Should a non Shim'Tar attempt to wield it, they will be burned alive on the spot. The exception to the rule extends to Shim'Tar candidates. Should such a candidate attempt to wield it, they can be rejected, but will not be slain.[1] Those who are deemed worthy by the bow can not only control the bow, but are protected from its power. Should one Shim'Tar use the bow against another, the the arrows will not kill them, though they can be injured. The Egyptian gods can also decide who wields the bow. A Shim'Tar appointed by them can wield the bow, even if the bow itself deems them unworthy.

The tremendous power of this weapon is double edged. If the user is unworthy or too weak-willed, they run the risk of being corrupted by the power. Victims become mentally unhinged and seek to destroy everything in their path. The only recorded victim of this fate is Akila. After using the Bow to protect her home from an invasion, she became consumed by the power.[2] As a result, she had to be put down by Wonder Woman and Artemis.[3]

Another consequence comes when a Shim'Tar exposed to the power of the bow for too long. Should they be sufficiently weakened, they can lose the ability to control the bow's power entirely. When that happens, any power the wielder took from the bow will build up inside them, causing them to eventually explode.

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