Quote1 Boy Beast! The opposite of Beast Boy! Smart as a whip and a real go-getter, with the ability to turn into any boy in the world! Quote2
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After kicking Nibor off their team for being an incompetent leader, alternate universe Robin comes to Bizarro World and meets the Titans there. Without a leader, Boy Beast and the team welcome Robin and do as he says, but, because of their backwards Bizarro thinking, they take insult to Robin's compliments.

Boy Beast and the Bizarro Titans follow Robin to his home universe, ready to attack him but instead are reunited with Nibor who went to the alternate universe to help. The Bizarro Titans, welcoming Nibor back, return to Bizarro World.

Later, Boy Beast is called by the Titans to participate in the battle against the Trigons. When the battle is won it returns to the bizarro world along with its partners.





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