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The Boy Commandos was an international commando squad of orphaned children led by the adult Captain Rip Carter that fought on all fronts of World War II. The squad originally consisted of André Chavard from France; Alfie Twidgett from England, Jan Haasan from the Netherlands, and Dan "Brooklyn" Turpin from the United States.


The team's adventures continued well past the war, even though there were many roster changes. Jan left first, having found relatives in his homeland to stay with. Alfie was replaced by a Texan named Tex, followed by André, who was replaced by Percy Clearweather. As the members of the Boy Commandos have grown older they have left the squad to pursue other pursuits


  • The Boys Commandos refers to the Nazis as "the Ratzies".
  • It was revealed years later that Brooklyn of the Boy Commandos grew up to become "Terrible" Dan Turpin, the hard-nosed detective of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit.[citation needed]
  • Starting in the last issue of their first magazine, the Boy Commandos started traveling around in their own Atomobile.

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