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Bozo the Iron Man is a robot operated by PI Hugh Hazzard, who uses him to fight crime.

The robot that would soon be known as "Bozo" was built in the late 1930s by Doctor Von Thorp, who used it to commit a series of violent and destructive crimes in New York City. Von Thorp was outwitted and defeated by a private detective, Hugh Hazzard, and his robot was confiscated by the NYPD. When the police prepared to destroy the robot, Hazzard decided to steal it, and use it to fight crime. Initially there was official resistance to this plan, but Hazzard quickly proved the value of having a giant robot working for the police, at no expense to the public.


  • Robot Body
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Flight: Bozo's internal flying device was silent, and seemingly never ran out of energy.
    • Superhuman Speed: Bozo (without Hugh Hazzard inside) could fly from New York City to Washington DC in 22 minutes[1], so that's 625 mph. Bozo typically flew so fast as to be difficult to see.[2]
    • Invulnerability: Bozo was bulletproof and fireproof, and could withstand a collision with a heavy truck.


  • The robot was controlled via voice commands. Though Hugh Hazzard initially operated the robot by remote control using a radio, it was actually hollow and after several modifications he eventually began riding inside it as though the robot were a suit of armor.


  • Bozo could operate underground, undersea, and in the air, at high rates of speed.