Braalians are a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Braal.


They all have the natural ability to manipulate magnetic fields.

Braalians were revealed to have been a group of genetically engineered humanoids who were part of a eugenics program to create superpowered beings undertaken by a species called the Dominators. A Daxamite hero rescued the test subjects and relocated them to new lives on other worlds. Those with magnetic powers were placed on a world populated by metallic animals, thus utilizing their ability and giving birth to the Braalian civilization.

By the 30th century, Braal was a populated and thriving world, although with cycles of economic deficiency and poor relations with fellow worlds in the United Planets government.

Notable Braalians were Rokk Krinn and Pol Krinn, who both were sponsored into the Legion of Super-Heroes to use their abilities for the good of the galaxy.

Braalian Rokk Krinn was the first leader of the Legion, and a founding member

Powers and Abilities


Braalian Physiology:

  • Magnetic Manipulation: Braalians have the natural ability to lift and manipulate metal. Braalians can produce a number of effects. They can manipulate, repel or attract metal objects of varying sizes. Naturally, the more metal is in an object the easier it is for them to affect magnetically. Their super-magnetism has only a slight effect on the metallic particles of smog. Braalians are able to juggle smaller metal objects. Braalians have pulled large iron meteors and satellites down from space with minimal effort, as well. They can use his magnetic power on rocks that contain iron ore.
  • Magnetic Force-Fields: Braalians can protect themselves from physical harm, can stretch her fields to protect a large group, and can suspend persons or objects in the air.
  • Magnetic Flight: Braalians can suspend themselves in flight by riding the Earth's magnetic field.
  • Electromagnetic Sight: By concentrating, Braalians can perceive the world around himself solely as patterns of magnetic and electrical energy. They can perceive the natural magnetic auras surrounding living beings, as well.
  • Magnetic Pulse: Braalians can focus his magnetic energy into powerful concussive blasts. They can also overload or short-circuit electrical systems.
  • Energy Absorption: Braalians have been shown absorbing some forms of energy through his magnetic force fields to temporarily boost his own strengths. Such as Cosmic Boy, he absorbed Lightning Lads's lightning blast.
  • Geomagnetic Link: Braalians are tied very closely to Braals's or what ever planet he is on EM Field. As is it effected, so are they. He knows instinctively all that happens to it.
  • Organic Iron Manipulation: Braalians have such control over his powers that he is able to manipulate the natural iron within the blood of living organisms.


Non-Magnetic Materials: Braalians power cannot affect non-magnetic metals, such as aluminum and gold, or organic substances like wood.

Distance Limitation: Distance affects the limit his magnetic control has over an object, as does the amount of metal in or on that object.


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