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  • Mass Consciousness:(Formerly) Through the mass production of a new designer drug called Bliss, The Brain had found a means of expanding his own intellect beyond the super human norm by drawing upon the remaining percentage space of the human brain that regularly goes unused. Through which, Brain can magnify his neural range and form a human cloud with those who use it to broaden his intellectual range via using them as a mass informational storage space his psyche can tap.[3]
    • Hypergenius Intellect: Through the Human Cloud garnered by drug intake, The Brain's mind would expand, grow and evolved a little bit at a time. Not only making him a little smarty the more he fed off of the increasing mental energies gathered, but eventually learned to influence the universe and the forces of reality with his mind alone.[4]
    • Flight[2]
    • Technomorphing [3]
    • Psionic Shields[2]
    • Dimensional Manipulation
    • Chronokinesis[5]
    • Reality Alteration[5]






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