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The Brain was a disembodied brain who leads the Brotherhood of Evil.


The Brain was once a scientist named Ernst from New England. He experimented a normal gorilla named Mallah to increase his intelligence. The two formed a lasting friendship and Mallah grew to love him. Ernst also treated him like his assistant and taught him what he knew. After an explosion in his lab, Ernst was badly burnt and Mallah had to separate his brain which he managed to keep alive. Brain grew distrustful and paranoid of humans after this.[6][7]

The two started attacking humans whom they held responsible for their plight. Without any other organ however, Brain could only perceive objects in a numerical fashion. They decided to attack a LexCorp facility in Metropolis in order to retrieve a cybernetic optic nerve that could allow him to see everything again. During a standoff with the Special Crimes Unit, Captain Maggie Sawyer tried to resolve that peacefully and stated she wanted to help. Mallah trusted her due to her not showing fear, despite Brain telling him to kill her and told how the two came to be the way they are and what they're after. Maggie agreed to help them in exchange for their surrender.[7]

He was also at one point an acquaintance of Faye Gunn, with whom he was in a romantic relationship for a long while.[8]

Villainous adventures

Mallah and Brain banded under Grodd in Central City after the Rot took over the world. Buddy Baker, Black Orchid, John Constantine and Beast Boy were paralyzed by the mental attack of Grodd but Steel remained unaffected.[9] Mallah shot Steel on Brain's orders, allowing the Gorillas to overpower him. Baker was however able to break free of Grodd's mind attack because of The Red and knocked him out. Frankenstein's army soon arrived to rescue the others and stabbed Brain with a sword.[10] The Parliament of Decay allowed Baker and Swamp Thing to follow Anton Arcane back in time and they were able to change the future.[11]

Brain and Mallah came into conflict with the Teen Titans when they went after Metatroll93, whose sites had been made fun of Brain. Brain told Mallah to let it go as it was unimportant, but the latter got emotional and stated that he didn't care about his desire to defend his honor. Brain had to agree to keep him happy and took control of the troll's mind at his lair with a cortical grapnel.[12]

Brain also took control of Wonder Girl and had her attack Red Robin as part of his experiment to prove that there's no good or evil and had Mallah follow them when they crash landed in the zoo, despite his unease in such environments. Bunker and Beast Boy freed Wonder Girl from his control, while Brain had to flee after being confronted by Power Girl and Raven.[13]

Brain brought every zoo visitor and animal under his control, but his plans were spoilt by Raven. After being attacked by Wonder Girl, his thrusters stopped working but he was saved by Mallah who grew sick of him not treating respectfully while attacking the Teen Titans who brought out the best in each other. Raven teleported them to Dread Azarath, but promised to bring them back before it drove them crazy.[13]

Brotherhood of Evil

Mallah and Brain became members of Brotherhood of Evil, but were treated as a joke due to their repeated failures. Eventually the Brotherhood wilted down to only them two and they struggled in recruiting any new members. Mallah developed a drug called Bliss which allowed Brain to use the brains of others to greatly increase his cognitive levels.[14] As the drug spread on the streets, Intergang started producing a knockoff but their business was shut down by Arsenal and Cheshire, who retrieved the missing sample of the real Bliss they were using. Cheshire also scratched Arsenal with a small dosage of it to knock him out.[15]

The usage of Bliss by the people allowed Brain to manipulate weather and elements as he saw fit, while incapacitating the Justice League.[16] As he progressively achieved a higher level of cognizance, he became detached from all emotional relationships and became fixated on morphing the world as he saw fit. Arsenal however had found his location due to being given the weak dosage by Cheshire earlier and took down his robots with the help of the other Titans.[14]

Brain ordered Mallah to deal with the Titans himself as he saw it as a small nuisance. Mallah was defeated and realized he had stopped caring for him. He agreed to help the Titans, telling them about their plan and warned that if he achieved 100% cognitive ability, he would transcend physical form. Brain achieved enough power to warp reality as he saw fit and Mallah bid him a final goodbye, which distracted him and brought him out to check what was going on. This allowed Arsenal to put a stop to him to his scheme.[14]


Brain eventually retired from his villainous career and went to see Faye about the ad she posted for hiring a teacher, but she didn't trust him due to his past villainous association with the Brotherhood of Evil.[8][1] He expressed pessimism about the Generation Outlaws, but was encouraged by her to know them better.[17]

He was imprisoned along with Mallah by Joker in an old fair ground around the time Batman Who Laughs started infecting people. There they were subjected to torture and Joker left their care in the hands of Lex Luthor after giving him the knowledge to defeat Batman Who Laughs.[18]


  • Mass Consciousness (Formerly): Through the mass production of a new designer drug called Bliss, the Brain had found a means of expanding his intellect beyond the superhuman norm by drawing on the remaining percentage space of the human brain that regularly goes unused. Through this, Brain could magnify his neural range and form a human cloud.[19]
    • Hypergenius Intellect: Through the Human Cloud, the Brain's mind would expand, grow, and evolve a little bit at a time. Not only did this make him a little smarter the more he fed off of the increasing mental energies gathered, but he eventually learned to influence the universe and the forces of reality with his mind alone.[20]
    • Weather Manipulation: By elevating his cognition levels, near achieving the stage one of the hypergenius state, Brain can easily manipulate global meteorological conditions.[20][19]
    • Chronokinesis[21]
    • Dimensional Manipulation[21]
    • Reality Alteration[21]
    • Technomorphing [19]




  • Brain and his companion Monsieur Mallah are in a loving relationship.[3][19]
  • According to Brain, Mallah feels jealous about anyone he was enamored with.[1]



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