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The Brain is the leader of a secret organization known as the Brotherhood of Evil.

The Brain cannot move but can talk using the machine he is hooked up to. His partner, Monsieur Mallah, acts as both the Brain's transportation and brawns.

The Brain recruited almost all of the Teen Titans villains and set them out on a worldwide purge of heroes. The Titans were almost defeated, but a few were captured and cryogenically frozen.

When it came time for the Titans to fight back, a siege began with the heroes being victorious. The Brain and Mallah attempted to escape but were captured and cryogenically frozen themselves. It is assumed they were handed over to the police.[2]

New Teen Titans

The Brain is shown to still be in Jump City. Although he did not talk or be villainous in any way, Robin and Cyborg fought over who was the Brain's biggest nemesis.[3]





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