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The Coluan technovore Brainiac has at times traveled interstellar distances in a spaceship shaped like his own head.


During a time when Brainiac was trapped within the core of a computerized prison world, he was able to tap into the planet's control systems and stimulate the nearby sun Epsilon 4 into going supernova. The solar winds from the nova created an electrical surge in the planet's field that disintegrated Brainiac's physical form. Brainiac downloaded his consciousness into the planet's computer networks and was able to reconstitute a robotic body for himself. In addition, he used the planet's resources to create his trademark "Skull Ship". Brainiac could interface with the ship's control systems, making the vehicle an extension of his own body. Brainiac flew the ship to the planet Systus 2 where he used its weaponry to force the planet's native population into slavery. When Superman arrived to save them, Brainiac launched missiles filled with concentrated red sun radiation that robbed Superman of his powers. Brainiac later used his Skull Ship as a haven for many of Earth's super-villains during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was here that Brainiac murdered Alexei Luthor of Earth-Two. Brainiac himself became a victim of the Fearsome Five's Psimon, but was able to pool the ship's resources to reconstitute a new body for himself. In retaliation, he blasted the top of Psimon's cyber-cranium off of his head.


Brainiac's ship was mentally linked with him. It had 8 super-strong tentacles, remote viewing, and long-distance speechers. The ship could keep a breathable atmosphere inside it, project force fields, energy beams and traction rays and was capable of flight, with warp capabilities (hyperspace). The ship could rebuild Brainiac's body if he was destroyed inside it. All versions of the ship come equipped with a shrink ray powerful enough to shrink an entire city and sometimes entire worlds.


Since Brainiac's Ship is technologically superior to other forms of technology it is equipped with an array of advanced weaponry. In addition to the red-sun torpedoes, Brainiac's ship was also equipped with photonic missiles that could hack into the guidance chips of an enemy's missile systems, thereby taking control of them and sending them flying back upon an adversary. The ship had dozens of small guardian robots inside this interior, and also contained a small single-person shuttlecraft that Brainiac used when traveling to a planet's surface.

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