Quote1.png Energy is not dead. Information is not dead, Luthor. Prepare to become ideo-circuitry in the omni-intellect of Brainiac. Quote2.png
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Brainiac was enslaved by Ultraman.

Brainiac was a Twelfth-Level transorganic syntellect lifeform who was captured by Ultraman while exploring the Antimatter Universe and made into Ultraman's servant, whose head is installed in Ultraman's fortress. Brainiac carefully planned his rebellion against his master by manipulating Alexander Luthor to traveling to the matter universe to recruit the Justice League to overthrow the Crime Syndicate, but resulting in the antimatter and matter Earths merging into the same space and destroying each other, thereby allowing Brainiac to collect the energy released by the destroyed Earths, evolving into an "Nth Level Intelligence" and essentially becoming a god. Furthermore, the League and the Syndicate were powerless to stop the collision due to their being on Earths where they, by the nature of the respective universes, cannot win. However, the Justice League and the Crime Syndicate switched back to their Earths, and allowing the latter to stopping Brainiac in which Ultraman gave him a laser-vision lobotomy to ensure that he never poses a threat again.

Convergence revealed that this Brainiac, like all other manifestations in all other timelines and universes, became at some point a permutation of the "true" Brainiac's existence.




  • Restricted Mobility: without a cybernetic body to inhabit, Brainiac is imobile and physically harmless.


  • Cybernetic body

  • The reason why the Brainiac of the Antimatter Universe acted as callously and destructively as his theoretically morally-inverted matter counterpart was that he considered himself to be "beyond" moral dualities such as those which dictated the fates of the Justice League and Crime Syndicate. As such, although his actions are perceived as "evil," the underlying motivation for these actions may not be described as immoral so much as amoral. This is shown by his declaration: "Beyond 'good' + 'evil.' Beyond the moral + conceptual framework which limits 3rd-level intellects such as your own. I am free to upgrade and evolve!"[1] This also implies that the New Earth Brainiac must be similarly devoid of dualistic ethical conceptions, hence why the moral development of both universes' Brainiacs turns out the same instead of opposite.
  • Unlike other versions of Brainiac, the Antimatter Universe Brainiac was neither an android nor a telepath. Rather, he was a vaguely slug-like alien creature electronically connected to an information network. His true form also did not appear to be Coluan, although the anatomy of Coluans could differ in the Antimatter Universe from the Coluans of other universes and realities. In spite of this, the Antimatter Universe Brainiac chose to represent himself through a series of identical android avatars which resembled the Pre-Crisis Brainiac.



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