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Brainiac is an alien supercomputer, serving both Luthor and Superman but ultimately only his own interests.

Brainiac had allied with Lex Luthor to shrink Moscow, but seemingly by mistake shrunk Stalingrad instead. While Lex was fuming over this mistake, Superman pays him a visit, and afterwards steals Brainiac's CPU, being unable to restore Stalingrad. Superman reprograms Brainiac to serve his utopia.

Brainiac monitors the Global Soviet Union and provides technology to create "Superman Robots" out of dissidents, such as the Batmen and Pyotr, with Brainiac constantly trying to convince Superman to invade the resistant USA and make a Robot out of Lex. When Lex prepares an invasion of the USSR, Superman invades back, with Brainiac fighting using his ship. When Superman is convinced by Lex to give up his invasion, Brainiac reveals that he was never reprogrammed and attacks Superman, with Lex managing to cut off Brainiac's power and Superman destroying his body. Afterwards, Brainiac's ship explodes, with Superman pulling it 15 million miles away in less than a minute and faking his death with the blast.





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