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Quote1.png I stopped it. But the code is still on the shadow web, and it's--persistent. And it doesn't have anything else to do but cause trouble. Quote2.png
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Brainiac is an enemy of President Superman.

The Brainiac O.S. was formerly used to help guide the robotic duplicates of President Calvin Ellis, that allowed him the time to be both the president and Superman.[1] At some point, however, it was exposed to an algorithm by its own future self that corrupted it, turning it against Superman and driving it to commit acts of terror. It almost kickstarted World War IV before being defeated, after which it continued to terrorize Superman and the world, apparently out of a lack of interest in anything else.[2]


  • Artificial Intelligence Form: The Brainiac O.S. is purely a non-corporeal computer program, making it difficult to really defeat.[2]
    • Technopathy: Brainiac can possess and control many kinds of devices, including stealth fighters and massive robot bodies.[2]


  • Political Science: During its time running the Calvin Ellis robots, Brainiac was programmed with many presidential behavioral algorithms.[1]




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