Quote1 "Do it." - Brainiac giving permission to Superman to kill him. Quote2
Brainiac src
Brainiac was a cybernetic being created by the United States government as a fail-safe if Superman were ever to go rogue.

At some point, Brainiac in a confused state escaped wreaking havoc with his immense power that he himself couldn't control. On the scene, Superman meets the poor creature and tries to comfort him into controlling his powers, but Brainiac states he can't stop it. Superman says he could, by killing him, to which Brainiac somberly agrees. Superman shoots him the brain with his heat vision, killing the poor creature.


  • Telekinesis: Capable of earth-shattering telekinetic abilities
  • Red solar energy emission: He was capable of emitting a force field of red solar energy, made to depower Superman due to his dependence on Yellow solar energy.


  • Power Instability: Brainiac could not control his abilities, creating a telekinetic storm throughout Metropolis.



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