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-- Brainiac 6.0 src

Brainiac 1.0 was a Coluan robot who was unwanted on his planet, and the distant ancestor of Brainiac 5. He committed various atrocities such as shrinking and trapping the Kryptonian city of Kandor, which caused a chain reaction that destroyed the planet Krypton. This act earned him the title of "The Terror", especially to the trapped populace of Kandor City. Ashamed of what his ancestor did, Brainiac 5 was reluctant to reveal this to Superman or to anyone else because he also feared how Superman would react to it. Brainiac 1.0 lived on inside Brainiac 5 as a code, but was surrounded by firewalls and safeguards to ensure 1.0's code did not take over his descendant's body.

However, Brainiac 5 ultimately resorted to heeding the help of 1.0's code during the time when the 31st century was threatened by the warlord Imperiex. Consequently, Brainiac 1.0 took control of Brainiac 5, and turning him against the Legion of Super-Heroes. Brainiac 1.0 then tricked Imperiex into believing the Coluan wish to join him, but instead killed Imperiex in which he states that his cause goes against Brainiac's intentions on bringing "order" to the universe. Brainiac then proceeded to take over his home planet Colu and thereafter unleash a intergalactic campaign of converting planets, living beings, and matter into digital information. During an intense battle with the Legion, Brainiac fought against Superman-X and Superman in Brainiac 5's mind. Although Brainiac 1.0 was too powerful for the Kryptonians, Saturn Girl temporarily fused the Supermen's consciousnesses into a single entity and freed Brainiac 5, who then overpowered his ancestor.

Though Brainiac 1.0's threat was believed to be over; however, Brainiac survived and used the discarded armor belonging to Brainiac 5 to become a new Brainiac.





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