In Superman's normal timeline, a being similar to Brainiac 12 emerged, but was known as Brainiac 13. Brainiac 13 was responsible for giving the entire city of Metropolis a widespread technological upgrade (commonly referred to as the B-13 Conversion), transforming it into a literal "City of Tomorrow". Like in the case of Brainiac 12, Superman fought against Brainiac 13 and trapped him within a slice of time along with the intergalactic conqueror Imperiex.

In an alternate future timeline, Lex Luthor and a group of mysterious scientists known only as the Futuresmiths created an upgraded version of the original Brainiac. A twelfth generation model, this being became known as Brainiac 12. Superman of the mainstream timeline arrived in this era to battle with Brainiac 12 and managed to trap him within a fold in time. A native of this era, Cir-El, sacrificed her own life insuring that this future timeline never comes to pass. As such, Brainiac 12 never truly existed.




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