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Brainiac 4 is Brianiac 5's mother.

4 was unable to feel emotion and she felt nothing for her son when he was born. She was allowed out of her role as Brainiac on Colu when she gave her son to the Coluans.

The rest of her life was spent searching for something to elicit emotions. She assumed a variety of guises to achieve this end. Brainia Starr was a gambler who had dealings with the time lords, The 12th Woman was a superhero, she was even a nameless beggar. Eventually she took up the role of Dark Leader of the Dark Circle.[1]

As the leader of the Dark Circle she engineered the hostilities between the United Planets and a new Khund/Dominator/Dark Circle backed organization called the Affiliated Planets. Arranging acts of mass murder made her feel emotion for the first time. Later when Brainiac 5.1 deduced she was behind the conflicts he confronted her. She unsuccessfully tried to kill her son and his friends in the Legion to see if she could feel any emotion. Brianiac 4 was struck from behind by Gates and later turned over to a psych ward.


  • Genius Level Intellect: like all members of the Brainiac family, possesses a superior intellect, on the order of a 12th-level intellect. (It has been said that the entire population of Earth is no greater than a level 8)[2]