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Brainiac 8, also known as Indigo, was a member of the Fatal Five.

In order to prevent her future defeat, Emerald Empress has assembled a new Fatal Five: Selena, Indigo, Magog, Solomon Grundy and herself.

Indigo heads to Limbo Town accompanied by Emerald Empress and Magog to break the sorceress Selena out of jail and get her join the new Fatal Five. Selena has already freed herself when they arrive, but Indigo tells her come with them and retake her "infamy as the Heir of Ataxia".

Supergirl attempts to calm everyone down, but all of sudden Indigo lunges at her, intending to kill her. Kara doesn't dare fight back for fear of hurting the innocent bystanders, and Indigo pummels her until Zor-El abruptly intervenes and tears her into pieces. Mister Bones has ordered to get Magog and the remains of Indigo shipped to Mokkari.





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