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Quote1.png And lo, the highways will run with blood, and the blacktop will turn lumpy with mashed flesh! Quote2.png
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Brandor was the leader of the demonic biker gang, The Pitriders.

In his youth, Brandor was was a member of the North-Hell Bloods gang, led by Etrigan.[1]

When the human Johnny Basterson, leader of the biker gang The Marlons, desecrated a Gotham church to evoke the "head honcho on the highway to Hell," he was granted his request for power when Brandor possessed his body. Brandor then led The Marlons to Gotham Cathedral, whose desecration would open a portal to Hell, allowing The Pitriders to cross over to the mortal plane.[1]

The next morning however, Jason Blood investigated the sacrilege of the church, and released his unholy counterpart to chase down the culprits. Etrigan interrupted the dark ritual at the cathedral, and while busy slaughtering The Marlons, Brandor tried to make his escape by bike. It was futile, as Etrigan once more intercepted him, bringing his bike to a halt when Brandor tried to run him down. Etrigan ripped Brandor from his human host and decapitated him with one bite. Basterson was punished even more severely, as Etrigan engulfed his head in hellfire, placed him on his bike, and sent him careening into a gas station.[1]




  • As a demon, Brandor is presumably vulnerable to holy powers and artifacts such as holy water or the Ace of Winchesters. Demons are known to be vulnerable to iron.
  • Summoning: Demons can be summoned against their will by those with occult knowledge. If the summoner is powerful enough they can control the demon.[1]


  • Motorbike.



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