The Branx are natives of the planet Emana Branx in the Vega star system.


The most notable species among them are the behemoth-like Branx Warriors. Each Branx warrior is partnered with a veritable Angel of Mercy. Upon the death of a warrior, this Angel guides their spirit to a new infant Branx body so that they may be reincarnated. Upon which, this guardian angel becomes the soul-partner of the newly reincarnated Branx. Centuries ago, the scientific Psions attempted to cross breed a Branx Warrior with an Okaaran named X'Hal. The process became traumatic for all involved and the warrior's angel of mercy was violently separated from his partner. No longer able to guide the souls of the living, this being became a dark, insubstantial ghost who called himself Nimbus.

When the Citadel conquered much of the Vegan star system, the Branx warriors were absorbed into their armies. The Branx often found themselves working alongside the Citadel's slavers, the Gordanians. Their primary adversaries were the freedom fighters known as the Omega Men.


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Level of Technology:


  • Interstellar Warships[1]
  • Photon Weapons[1]


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