Brave Bow is a Sioux chief and foster father of Roy Harper aka Speedy.

There is very little known about the Sioux chief known as Brave Bow, and there have been several contradictory stories presented about him. Roy Harper, Sr. a widower and forest ranger who was very close with a tribe of Navajo in Arizona. The tribe named him Belican Nex-which means "Tall American". Ranger Harper was killed in the line of duty before his son turned three.

Roy Harper Jr. was taken in by the Navajo where he was placed under the custody of the chief named Brave Bow. His English name was Raymond Begay. Brave Bow's tribe was known as the Tachini who resided just outside Arizona past El Capitan in the Tsegi, under the cliffs of Sleeping Mountain, near this place called Olijato, "land of the moonlit waters."

Roy embraced his Indian heritage, learning to ride and shoot the bow and arrow. Brave Bow taught Roy archery until the he became abetter archer than himself.

Roy Harper was skilled with the bow and arrow and began a hero worship of Green Arrow from Star City. When the other kids brought magazines to the school, Roy read, watched, and enjoyed the exploits and adventures of the Green Arrow.

When Roy Harper turned thirteen, he was asked to leave the tribe. Roy believe that he was being kicked out of the tribe because he was Hassasi , "enemy of our people". He was different than the other Dinne, and after he started running his mouth off about getting married someday to a woman within the tribe, he was told that he would have to leave.

Somtime later Brave Bow, who was dying of liver cancer, began to search for a new mentor for Roy. Brave Bow asked Green Arrow if he would take the responsibility of raising a teenage boy. He agreed and began the legal responsibilty for the teenager.

Green Arrow and Brave Bow devised a test for Speedy at the Greenville Fair. Roy was determined to become the Green Arrow partnerand wanted to prove that he was up for the job. Speedy's demonstration of his archery skills failed because his arrows had accidentally become magnetized. Roy took the name Speedy and became the sidekick of Green Arrow.



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