Quote1 A water shield? You really think that's gonna stop me? Quote2
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Braze is a member of a now disbanded group called Mayhem, led by Cheshire and KGBeast.

He is an enemy of Aquaman and the Others.

Alignment Earth

Braze first appeared in the gathering of Mayhem's members at the Research Station Gagari on the moon. He appeared to agree with Stranglehold and expressed the desire to seek out the Others and fight them rather than hiding.[1] Later on, he was seen fixing KGBeast's weapon and questioning why KGBeast allowed Cheshire and NKVDemon to have a sparring match.[2] At the second gathering of the team, he was seen operating on the systems that launched the missiles at Operative's yacht. As the systems failed, he along with his team members were taken by surprised by Ya'Wara, noticing that her globe of transportation teleporting him and the others away. Arriving at an undisclosed island, Braze took part in the battle, fighting the Operative. [3] During the final battle with the Others, he was seen fighting Mera. Braze commented that a watershield would not be able to stop him only to be quickly defeated by Mera. She trapped him in a vortex of water rendering him unconscious. He was not seen anymore afterward.[4]


  • Gadgetry: Braze seemed to be proficient in using gadgets to fight. He was seen fixing KGBeast's cybernetic arm.[2] When he fought, he used a power suit where he could fire ray of energy toward his opponent.[4]


  • Power Suit: Braze donned a orange and golden power suit.[4]

  • In his first appearance, Brazed had on a black and red power suit.[1] Later on, he appeared in a orange and golden power suit.[2]



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