Brendan Nash was a student at Smallville High and a contributor of the school newspaper, The Torch.

At some point in his life, Brendan gained a metahuman ability to turn organic matter into wax.[1]

During his senior year of High School, Brendan applied to several colleges and was turned down by all of them. Dreading a future, working at the local video store, Brendan snapped. Threatening to turn his stepmother into wax, Brendan forced his father (who owned a construction company), to construct a replica of Smallville High.[1]

During his last day of High School, Brendan went about and abducted the students, that had been selected as "most likely" in the year book. Brendan was convinced that he was doing them a favor.[1]

Brendan's plan was ultimately foiled by Clark Kent. Brendan attempted to transform Clark into wax, but Clark's Kryptonian body caused Brendan's power to backfire, turning Brendan himself into wax. His body was destroyed, when it fell down the stairs of the school replica.[1]




  • Power Limitation: Brendan's ability didn't work on Kryptonians. When he attempted to use it against Clark Kent, it backfired and turned Brendan himself into wax.[1]

  • Brendan Nash was played by Steven Grayhm.
  • Brendan Nash was the 11th and final case of a Smallville High student dying on the show.



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