Quote1.png Now that Monster Valley has been revealed, people will come. They will try to rob my home. Poison it. Hurt its people. And when they do, I promise...they'll find me. Quote2.png
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Makson is the protector of Monster Valley. A modern day Tarzan, wealthy heir Brenton Hamilton was raised by the monsters of the valley.

Three-year-old Brenton Hamilton was the survivor of a plane crash that killed his parents and was stranded in an underground prehistoric ecosystem underneath Tunguska called the Valley of Monsters. He was founded by a bird-like creature, an amaredont, who benevolently protected him and raised him as her own. The boy lived with the amaredonts for thirty years and he was given the name "Makson" - which means in the creatures' language "Warm Blood."

Makson's life took another tragic turn when the valley was raided by S.K.U.L.L., who came to eliminate Makson on the orders of Hamilton Court, Makson's rich birth family who wanted to protect their vast holdings from being inherited by Makson, who was technically the chief beneficiary of his family's fortunes. Makson's adoptive mother and family were killed by the raiders until he was saved by the JLA.

Several days afterwards, Makson sought revenge on the people who murdered his foster family. After the JLA helped Makson reestablished his identity, he quickly acclimated to the modern world and eventually learning about his heritage. He then arranged a family reunion in which he plans to kill Hamilton Court in one gathering. However, the JLA intervened and prevented Makson from carrying out his revenge. Instead, Batman helped Makson's revenge in a nonlethal way by leaking Hamilton Court's nefarious conspiracy and their black market investments to the public and they were then arrested by the authorities.

With his justice fulfilled, Makson transferred his family's holdings to Vixen, whom he trust to use it to help children of tragedy, and returned to his true home in Monster Valley, where he will protect it from people who try to exploit it.[1]


  • Superhuman Strength: Makson is able to rend fully armed automotons developed by S.K.U.L.L. with his bare hands.[2]



  • Makson, in the monster "language", means "Warm Blood".[2]



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