Bridgewater was a creature from an alien race of historians sent to monitor the destruction of the planet Krypton.

He observed the great scientist Jor-El and his wife Lara send their child Kal-El towards Earth in a rocket. At the same time he was caught in the explosion and his body was fused with a giant boulder of Green Kryptonite.[1] Bridgewater arrived on Earth in this form, crashing into the ground in Tibet where monks took his physical form and worshiped it as a holy object.[2] Eventually a psychotic crime-lord named Anthony Gallo took possession of him.[3] Bridgewater used his powers to mentally control Gallo and force him into more philanthropic efforts... eventually leading him to the city of Metropolis. This is where he met the last Kryptonian again, now calling himself Superman.[4] Bridgewater agreed to show Superman his true heritage for the first time... explaining his birth parents and Krypton's downfall. In exchange, Superman put on a lead suit and flew Bridgewater's containment ore into the sun where he could finally be released from his imprisonment. Bridgewater returned the weakened hero to his city, and then went back home after thirty years spent in captivity.[1]

  • Although his name is entirely different in his own language, he has explained that Bridgewater is simply the best translation.



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