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Quote1.png You should feel honored. You are a sacrifice to the Goddess of Fire. Quote2.png
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Bridgit Pike is the pyromaniac and professional arsonist Firefly.

Early life

Bridgit was a little girl when her mother became involved with the father of the Pike brothers, who would grow up to become a gang of arsonists. Sometime later, Bridgit's mother passed away, as Bridgit was adopted by the Pikes. As a child, Bridgit met Selina Kyle in the Narrows of Gotham City. Selina Kyle, who was searching for her lost mother, became close friends with Bridgit Pike. However, the two eventually separated. As Bridgit Pike grew, she was constantly mistreated by the Pike brothers and was forced to do their housework.[1][2]

Reunion with Selina Kyle

When criminal kingpin Oswald Cobblepot sent Selina Kyle and Butch Gilzean to hire arsonists for a planned robbery, the two approached the Pike brothers. Just before they began negotiating with the Pikes, Bridgit came face to face with Selina for the first time in years. Following the business negotiations, Selina Kyle expressed disdain for the casual abuse the Pikes placed upon Bridgit. When one of the brothers was killed in a skirmish with the GCPD, the remaining brothers realised that they needed another arsonist in order to carry out the robbery that Cobblepot's gang hired them for. As a result, they blackmailed Bridgit into joining them.

Despite Bridgit Pike's reluctance, the robbery was a success, though Bridgit barely escaped and was injured in the process. Following the success of the robbery, the Pikes decided to make Bridgit a fulltime member of the gang against her will. Due to the injury sustained in the initial robbery, Bridgit built a fireproof suit to protect herself, armed with flamethrower. The Pikes brought Bridgit on another attempted arson when the GCPD quickly arrived at the scene. The Pikes evacuated the area without Bridgit, leaving her to fend off the GCPD on her own. Bridgit managed to escape, accidentally killing a police officer in the process. Following the death of the officer, members of the GCPD vowed to capture and arrest Bridgit Pike.[1]

Reign as "Firefly"

Bridgit Pike adopts the Firefly persona.

With nowhere else to go, Bridgit met with Selina Kyle. The two bonded as they began robbing various criminals and gangs. They were interrupted when the Pikes discovered their location and kidnapped Bridgit. Angry that Bridgit didn't return home, the Pikes continued to abuse her until she snapped. Bridgit murdered both of the Pike brothers with her flamethrower. Bridgit then began acting as a vigilante, murdering various criminals that reminded her of the torment she suffered from the Pike brothers. Bridgit continued this vendetta until she was eventually ambushed by the GCPD. During a confrontation, the tank on her flamethrower exploded. Bridgit was pronounced dead to the public. In all actuality, her fireproof suit had melted onto her flesh, rendering her immune to fire. Bridgit was secretly sent to Indian Hill, a testing facility controlled by a secret council.[2] At Indian Hill, scientific experimentation was conducted on Bridgit under Professor Hugo Strange. However, Bridgit refused to willingly cooperate with the experiments.[3]

Goddess of Fire

Professor Hugo Strange temporarily convinced Bridgit that she was the Goddess of fire.

As part of a larger experiment, Professor Strange erased Bridgit Pike's memory and convinced her that she was the Goddess of Fire. Elsewhere, as Bruce Wayne investigated Professor Strange's experiments, he informed Selina Kyle that Bridgit was alive and that Professor Strange was keeping her prisoner. Selina Kyle broke into Indian Hill, but was attacked by Bridgit Pike.[4] Bridgit attempted to kill Selina until Selina persuaded her that in order to be a true goddess, she needed a servant. As a result, Bridgit appointed Selina Kyle as her servant.[5] This lasted until Professor Strange ordered Victor Fries to kill Selina. Bridgit retaliated, leading to a battle between the two, giving Selina enough time to escape. Indian Hill was soon exposed and Professor Strange was arrested for his experiments.[6]

The Army of Freaks

After the war with the Riddler, Firefly continued to be one of Penguin's top enforcers during the Pax Penguina era. She was present at the Iceberg Lounge when the leader of the Street Demonz came to the nightclub in order to complain about the violation of the crime license guidelines, since the Sirens had decided to rob the notorious biker gang. When Cobblepot discussed the issue with the gang leader, Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan and Selina Kyle, Oswald's accountant Arthur Penn entered the room to inform his boss about the recent occurrences in the Gotham Narrows, where Edward Nygma was mocking the Penguin in a bizarre stage play. Enraged, Cobblepot stabbed the Street Demonz leader to death and then told the Sirens that they now owe him for solving the problem for them. In exchange, he ordered them to go to the Narrows in order to bring Nygma to the Iceberg Lounge. Once the Sirens had left the nightclub, Penguin told Firefly that Penn will put her into contact with Cherry, his Narrows informant, so Bridgit can go down and murder the Sirens in case they don't manage to capture Nygma in time. When it later seemed apparent that the Sirens wouldn't retrieve Ed in time, Penn deployed Firefly to carry out Penguin's orders.[7]

Legion of Horribles

No Man's Land

After the destruction of Gotham's main bridges, all the villains started claiming territory in the fallen city. Firefly and her newly formed gang took control of an abandoned factory and the surrounding district, creating a ring of fire around the sector.[8] Three months later, Firefly had engaged in a turf war with Mister Freeze. The outcome of their conflict is unknown.[9] By day 391 into No Man's Land, Firefly's territory and all the other villain sectors had been taken over by the GCPD.[10]


  • Fire Retardant Skin: Due to her original Firefly costume burning into her skin, Bridgit Pike is immune to the harmful effects of fire.


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