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Quote1.png Master Bruce, there is a vague report that Ted Carson is grooming a protégé. Possible name... Bridgit Pike. Quote2.png
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Bridgit Pike is Lady Firefly, the protégé of the super-villain Firefly and an enemy of Batman.

She and Carson are hired by Kobra to kill Batman while he investigates a murder.


  • Firefly Suit: Bridgit is equipped with a specialized suit similar to her partner Firefly, which she uses for her criminal activity.
    • Dual Flamethrowers: There are two gauntlets built into Bridgit's suit. These gauntlets are capable of projecting powerful blasts of thermal energy. The flamethrowers were capable of burning a building down, however they were not strong enough to severely damage Batman's Bat armor.[1]
    • Heat Resistance: The full-body suit is primarily made out of a flame retardant material. This gives Lady Firefly increased protection against the flames her weapon causes.[1]
    • Jetpack: Bridgit's suit is equipped with a powerful jetpack. This jetpack allows her to propel herself into the air and hover if the situation requires it.[1]

  • Detective Comics: Deface the Face



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