Quote1 I'm the queen of this hive. I'll show you what it means to be stung. Quote2
-- Brie Larvan src

Originally a scientist at Mercury Labs in Central City, Brie Larvan was fired from her job when she began to experiment with weaponizing the robotic bees she had developed for agricultural use. Furious that her life's work would be dismissed so easily, Larvan would continue to produce millions of her bee-like robots, outfitting each of them with the same poison found in real bees, except at a level far more fatal to humans.

Beginning her siege on the people that had ruined her, Larvan stalked two of her former coworkers and then murdered them with her bees. While the Flash attempted to rescue the second victim, he was unable to outrun all of her robots and went into cardiac arrest after being stung. Saved only by the defibrillator in his suit, the Flash and his allies soon deduced Brie Larvan's identity.

Partnering up with the Atom and Felicity Smoak, each hero assigned themselves a specific task in order to take down "the Bug-Eyed Bandit". Atom was tasked with saving Larvan's last victim, the woman who fired her Tina McGee, from the killer bees that were sent to assassinate her, while Smoak worked on hacking the robots' and the Flash detained Larvan. When her plan was foiled, the Bug-Eyed Bandit was handcuffed to her chair and left for the cops to arrest. [1]

A year later, Brie was residing in Iron Heights prison, discovering she had a tumor on her spine, with the only possible surgery would leave her paraplegic. In her research, Brie learned of the technology used by Felicity to restore her legs. Hacking the prison database, she changed the date of her release to an earlier date then reprogrammed and upgraded her swarm, allowing Brie to take Palmer Tech hostage. Team Arrow stepped in to stop her, however Oliver got stung in the process. Wanting no one else to get hurt, Felicity agreed to take Brie to her lab, fully prepared to install a virus into the swarm. However, Brie recognized the coding, and realized Felicity had a hand in her defeat. Going back on her deal, Brie had full plans on killing Felicity, only for a now recovered Oliver to fire an arrow augmented by Curtis with a virus to grant him control over the bees. Using them, Curtis stung Brie multiple times, putting the Bug Eyed Bandit in a coma.

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